Die Weisse Wirtshaus
Sudwerk Bar

Mondays – Saturdays
10 a.m.–2 a.m.
Closed on Sundays and public holidays


Hot meals served from
11:30 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Since 1901 - Austria's oldest Wheat Beer Brewery

Celebrating in “DIE WEISSE”

Celebrating in “DIE WEISSE”

Your occasion is a celebration to us

Whether the festivity is a birthday, a company party, a class reunion, a bachelorette party, a mixer, or whatever else you can think of: We would be happy to celebrate with you.

We can individually prepare virtually any request - e.g. suckling pig or grilled duck.
We are also happy to serve you one of our tasty dishes from the roasting pan, such as roasted ribs or "Bratl, Ripperl & Hendlhaxl" – joint of pork, ribs, and chicken drumsticks. For 6 persons or more & with advanced booking.


Rules for stag and hen nights in "DIE WEISSE" & in the Sudwerk

In "DIE WEISSE", a stag or hen night is bound to be successful! Yes, that's right, but also by abiding by certain rules. Stag or hen nights certainly are a blast. Understandably, however, the fun you are having must not disturb the other guests or even drive them away.


What we like to see, what is really amusing, and what ideally fits the culture of a stag or hen night!

  • Spread flowers (roses) with a picture of the bachelor or bachelorette. Whoever accepts a flower must find the bachelor or bachelorette and give them a kiss, a piece of chocolate, or something similar. Test your marriage suitability skills: e.g., by sewing on a button, polishing shoes, cutting open or garnishing a pickled sausage or making a "Liptauer" spread, sweeping, clearing glasses and plates, dusting, etc.
  • Recite a poem or sing one or more songs.
  • Be the restroom attendant. Hand out towels and soap, clean the sink, refill the toilet paper – you are welcome to put out a tip box for these activities.

What we don't like to see and what is therefore prohibited!

  • The sale of liquor & other beverages.
  • Excessive shouting, yelling, or whistling, the use of signal horns ormegaphones.
  • Getting the bachelor or bachelorette excessively drunk, possibly even to the point that they have to vomit.
    Should it really come to that, we will have to charge a cleaning fee.
  • Bothering other guests so that it become intolerable. On the weekends, we often host 6-10 stag or hen nights simultaneously, each group probably going from table to table to give the men/women their gifts (condoms, etc.). That this can be a nuisance for those guests not partaking in the celebrations should be understandable to everyone. We have even received a number of complaints in this regard.
  • In principle, we do not want to prohibit striptease dancing, but we need to give our consent first. In our experience, most strippers are not worth the money anyway. ;)


Thank you for your understanding!
Let's find a date for your event!


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